Hogan: "What's a definite factor we can count on in this job?"
"We don't know what we're doing!"
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Hogan:  "Germans come through the door.  Americans come through the floor."
Newkirk:  "I shall call your two ginger snaps, and raise you two coconut macaroons."
LeBeau:  "You can always find another country, but you can't always find a beautiful woman."
Of all the characters, the one who
reminds me most of myself is
Kinchloe.  Even his sense of humor
is similar to mine.  Which character
is closest to your personality?
Of all the characters, the one I would most enjoy having as a friend is Newkirk.  Who would you choose for a friend?
Hogan had numerous romances.  If he had ever decided to get married, which do you think would have had the best long-term potential?
For a POW camp, there seemed to be plenty of good-looking people around, both male and female.  Who do you think were the most attractive?
         Actor               Actress
Vote                Vote
If you could go back in time, and be a guest star on Hogan's Heroes, what kind of caracter would you like to play?  Remember, you are an actor/actress, and not the actual person.
Schultz:  "In war, I prefer not to take sides."
I've listed some of my favorite episodes.
What is your favorite.